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Matt grew up in Red Oak, Iowa amongst mostly Chicago Cubs fans, but has been following the Royals for as long as he can remember. As a child many of his memories involved a radio and the voice of Royals baseball, Denny Matthews. He has always had an interest in sports, so writing about his favorite team seemed like a natural fit. A graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, Matt currently works in the insurance industry and also broadcasts high school football games on the radio as well. Outside of the Royals, he enjoys watching the Chiefs and following college athletics. In his spare time he enjoys music, traveling, and nearly any outdoor activity.

Kansas City has become a terrible sports town

Kansas City has long had great sports fans, but the current ownership groups have treated them with terrible products on the field at the Truman Sports Complex

The Kansas City Royals need starting pitching help

It's no secret that the Kansas City Royals need starting pitching for the upcoming season. With those available, what will the Royals do to improve upon 2012?

Root Root Root For Anyone But the Yankees...

Fate is on the side of the Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers to meet in the World Series, as neither team features any former Kansas City Royals

'Our Time' is finally over for the Royals

A long season is finally coming to an end for Kansas City, and the problems the Royals have as we head into the offseason are many of the same they've had for quite a few years now.

Expectations Past And Present For Jake Odorizzi And The Kansas City Royals

Kansas City may use pitcher Jake Odorizzi out of the bullpen first, but the rookie is set to make his first major league start over the weekend against the Cleveland Indians.

Coming To Terms With 1985 And The Last Royals World Series

We take a quick glimpse back at what the top song and movie were on the day that Kansas City clinched the 1985 World Series and the Royals wore the crown of baseball. Revises Prospect Rankings, Wil Myers Headlines Royals

A new set of baseball prospect rankings are out at, and to no surprise Wil Myers tops the charts for the Kansas City Royals.

What Does the Latest Baseball America Honor Mean for Wil Myers?

Wil Myers finds himself in unique company after being named the 2012 Baseball America Minor League Player of the Year. Typically the honor goes to someone who goes on to enjoy a long and productive major league career.

The Sun Is Setting On Luke Hochevar's Royals Career

At this point in his career, Luke Hochevar may be best suited in the bullpen of an organization other than the Kansas City Royals. Past history shows there are prime examples of it working out.

Kansas City Royals Baseball By The Numbers: Yuck

It's been a dark decade for Kansas City Royals fans, and the pressure is on owner David Glass and general manager Dayton Moore to take Kansas City to marked improved in 2013 and beyond.