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Thomas Todd is a Newsdesk Contributor and a graduate of UC Santa Cruz. In 2010, he co-founded the Two Guys, A Glove, and a Coke Bottle Podcast and the SF Giants blog with Daniel Zarchy. He has a lingering feeling of abandonment after his podcast partner picked law school over him.

Bill Self puts on a clinic

Head coaches of every level are invited to Allen Arena for a behind-the-scenes look at Kansas basketball practices.

Crist benched by Charlie Weis

Michael Cummings has been named the starting QB in Kansas as Heisman sleeper Dayne Crist heads to the bench.

Roddy Peters says no to Kansas

Class of 2013 point guard sensation Roddy Peters chooses Maryland over Kansas for competitive reasons.

Missouri Tigers look to avoid SEC basement

The Tigers look to impress their hometown fans against Kentucky and avoid sole possession of last place in the SEC.

Missouri Basketball Becoming A Family Affair

Corey Haith joins his father Frank's squad at Missouri to help avoid another first-round exit in the NCAA Tournament.