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Chiefs vs. Buccaneers score update: Chiefs trail 21-3 after three quarters

The Chiefs have been shut down offensively, and once the defense cracked, they found themselves down big.

J. Meric - Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs looked like they had a shot to upend the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at halftime, but a rough third quarter has them looking set to take a loss. A 14-point quarter by the Bucs turned a 7-3 Chiefs halftime deficit into a 21-3 deficit that looks like too much for the Chiefs to overcome.

The Bucs received to start the second half and drove 80 yards on just four plays to extend their lead to 14-3. The shortest play of the drive was 15 yards as the Kansas City defense was gashed. A touchdown on their next drive then made it 21-3.

Brady Quinn hasn't done much to excite Kansas City in place of Matt Cassel. He is 17-for-26, which is solid, and 146 yards isn't bad, but with two interceptions, he hasn't done enough to give the Chiefs a chance.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs running game is struggling too. Jamaal Charles has just 40 yards, and the team has only 74 yards for an average of 2.7 yards per rush in a dominant performance by the Bucs defense.