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Kansas City Sports Month In Review: Chiefs, Mizzou Continue Winning Ways

Here's a look at the month in review for Kansas City sports.

The month of September is usually one of the busier sports months in Kansas City. College and NFL football is getting started up, the Royals are winding down and the talk of college basketball starts to pick up.

Here's how the Kansas City teams fared this month.

Winners: Chiefs, Mizzou and KSU

Losers: KU and Royals

Kansas City Chiefs - 3-0

Now this is the surprise of the year in Kansas City sports to this point. The Chiefs are taking care of business a month into the NFL season with three straight wins.

They've been doing it with special teams, defense and in Week 3 lots of offense.

The Chiefs' start qualifies as a much, much bigger surprise than Mizzou's 4-0 start or KU's 2-2 start. It has fans in Kansas City caring about the Chiefs again (not that they went too far to begin with) and has people excited about football in general again.

Your NFL team winning has a larger affect on the city than anything else. Good start for the Chiefs.

Mizzou football - 4-0

Some were saying before the season that Mizzou football would start 5-0 (Colorado next week) and that's probably the case. Mizzou's been doing it with offense, defense and overall solid play on their non-conference schedule.

They blew everyone out except San Diego State, and that ended with a big-time 68-yard touchdown pass from Blaine Gabbert. Hey, everyone needs some excitement now and again.

Mizzou starts of conference play next week when they should be able to take care of business against Colorado.

Then the big test: Oklahoma.

That game will help determine whether this will be just a good season for Mizzou or a magical season.

Kansas State - 4-0

Big start for the Wildcats beating UCLA and Iowa State. They're 4-0 and looking good but they've got a huge game coming up next week on Thursday night (at home) against Nebraska.

The big story for KSU has been the play of RB Daniel Thomas and the not-so-great play of Carson Coffman.

KU football - 2-2

What an up and down ride for the Kansas Jayhawks. They win the award for the largest range of emotions in just one week.

I watched KU struggle to do anything against North Dakota State dropping the game, 6-3. Complete and total embarrassment to start the Turner Gill era. I was bashing KU for their quarterback competition running until the middle of August, just a couple weeks before the first game. Everyone was bashing Kale Pick so bad that Jordan Webb was eventually named the starter.

And then....they beat Georgia Tech. That changed everything.

For about a week.

KU couldn't keep it up against Southern Miss but took care of business against New Mexico State with a big 42-16 victory (and covered the spread!).

Kansas City Royals - 10-17

I gotta admit it's hard to watch the Royals when they're A.) not doing very well late in the year and B.) football has started.

The Royals had a weak month but ended it on a high note topping the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday night.

Highlights of this month revolve around Joakim Soria setting a personal save record and continuing with his consecutive scoreless innings streak.