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Chiefs vs. Colts: Indy's Biggest Strength Is Clearly Peyton Manning, Offense

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with the folks at Stampede Blue about regarding the Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts game on Sunday.

My question to Stampede Blue was simple: What's the Colts biggest strength?

The answer was even more simple: Peyton freakin' Manning.

You may have heard of him, Peyton Manning?  He's a pretty good QB.  The Colts can throw on any defense, against any DB in the league.  The NFL is pretty clearly a passing league now, so having a 4-time MVP certainly helps things go well.  Throw in a potential Hall of Fame WR in Reggie Wayne and a great TE Dallas Clark, as well as 3 other pretty good young receivers, and it makes the Colts offense nearly impossible to stop.  Joseph Addai is also the best blocking RB in the game today.  He's outstanding at picking up the blitzer, which makes it very difficult to blitz the Colts, because they rarely get home.

I did not know that Addai was such a great blocking running back but it makes sense. Each part on the Colts offense seems to be very carefully thought out and makes a ton of sense when you put all the pieces together.