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Chiefs Add 45-Yard FG; Down 6-3 To Colts At Half

Considering the risks the Kansas City Chiefs have taken this game that didn't work out -- onside kick and going for it on 4th and 2 -- they should feel good about the halftime score of 6-3 to the Indianapolis Colts.

The big bonehead play for the Chiefs to this point is Jamaal Charles' fumble which ruined a promising drive.

Peyton Manning is 10-of-14 for 111 yards while Matt Cassel is 7-of-10 for 58 yards.

I'm feeling pretty good right now because the Chiefs are able to run the ball well. Charles has 11 carries and Thomas Jones has 3 carries.

Gotta feel good if you're the Chiefs right now but have to continue holding Indy to field goals in the second half.