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Kansas City Chiefs Lose But Defense Looks Solid Against Indianapolis Colts

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The Chiefs lost on Sunday to the Colts, 19-9, but had a heck of a day on defense.

The Kansas City Chiefs lost 19-9 to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

Despite the loss, I think Chiefs fans are coming out of this game feeling good about the defense, who didn't allow a touchdown until 4:02 left in the game.

Here's a run down on the Chiefs defense, despite the loss.

Chiefs corners are fantastic

The CBS announcers were very impressed with the Chiefs cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Brandon Flowers.

As a whole they did an outstanding job holding down the Colts receivers. They were fast, consistently in good coverage and never got beat.

On one play, Pierre Garcon had a step on three Chiefs defenders near the end zone and Flowers leaped up to knock the pass down.

Tamba Hali is at it again

Hali had a forced fumble on Peyton Manning and pressured him on a couple of critical plays.

On one play, Manning had Reggie Wayne open in the end zone but couldn't step into his throw because Hali was coming right at him. The throw was short and incomplete.

He didn't have a ton of sacks but he made a difference in the game.

No touchdown passes for Peyton Manning

Manning went 26-of-44 for 244 yards and one touchdown.

"I can't remember ever seeing Peyton Manning so frustrated," CBS announcer Dan Dierdorf said at one point.

Manning was confused with the Chiefs defense fairly consistently until the Colts last drive.

Big names don't do much

Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark weren't significant factors in the game.

Wayne ended with six catches for 75 yards and Clark had three catches for 20 yards.

Late in the fourth quarter, Clark had just one catch. He was expected to be a focal point because tight ends had done well against the Chiefs at times this season.