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Kansas City Chiefs LB Tamba Hali Forcing People To Notice Him

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Last week ESPN's Matt Williamson ranked Kansas City Chiefs LB Tamba Hali as one of the top 10 pass rushers in the league.

The Chiefs are starting to get some recognition. Go out of your way to watch Hali. You will not be disappointed.

For Chiefs fans, we understood the selection.

Hali has consistently been the guy who's getting some sort of pressure -- not necessarily sacks -- on the opposing quarterback. That was apparent on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. I remember one play where Peyton Manning was short on a pass to an open Reggie Wayne in the end zone. Replays showed Manning was short because he couldn't step into his throw with Hali barreling down at him.

ESPN's Williamson returns this week and says he took some criticism for putting Hali among the top 10 pass rushers but Sunday against the Colts was evidence of why he did.

He says Hali "tormented" Manning (at times). This line seemed to seal the deal for me (via ESPN):

He is a Pro Bowler -- and that might be understating it.

He may finally get a Pro Bowl nod if he keeps this sack pace up. He's got 4.5 through four games. Pro Bowls are about stats like sacks so he would need that to get in.

The thing is....Hali has been this consistent dating back to last year. He was consistently the player opposing offenses talked about, drew penalties and effected the quarterback. With the sacks now starting to come in, people will start noticing.