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Kansas City Chiefs Coach Says He Doesn't Have Rose-Colored Glasses On Matt Cassel

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Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spent a few minutes defending Matt Cassel and his play against the Colts.

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley spent a few minutes defending WR Dwayne Bowe and QB Matt Cassel during his news conference Monday.

We've already talked about his comments on Bowe.

Here's a sampling of what Haley had to say about Cassel and his performance against the Indianapolis Colts:

Can he be more efficient? Absolutely. His arrow is without a doubt pointing up. This guy is making progress.

No sacks, no interceptions, I think there’s only two quarterbacks in the league right now with less interceptions than Matt and their names are (Peyton) Manning and (Tom) Brady.

So, that’s what I’m asking of our quarterback first and foremost: to protect the football; to give us chances to win, this young, transitioning team chances to win and that’s what he’s doing and that’s how he’s going about his business. I thought he showed great composure yesterday.

The quarterback has to be able to take charge of the team, the offense most specifically. He can’t be careless with the football and he needs to make plays when plays are needed. I think that Matt did that yesterday fighting right till the end.

That fourth and long he got the ball in there to Dwayne (Bowe) under duress, one of the all time throws I have ever seen that kept the game alive. I don’t have rose-colored glasses on, you know me well enough to know that also.

As for that last one -- the rose-colored glasses -- I'd have to disagree with Haley.

It's obvious (to me at least) that the Chiefs have made a decision not to criticize Cassel to the outside world. Charlie Weis told Tim Grunhard several weeks ago that they want to endear Cassel to the fan base and the voice of the organization, Haley, has routinely said he's doing a great job. Logic says the Chiefs wouldn't have to endear Cassel to the fan base if he weren't doing something wrong. Maybe it's not rose-colored glasses but there's some sort of tint on those glasses.

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