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NFL Trade Rumors: Which Kansas City Chiefs Are Available?

The NFL trade deadline is coming up and already the rumors are starting. With the Kansas City Chiefs, I can't see any deals being made. The Chiefs are playing well and they're emphasizing the team aspect of things so my best guess is that they stay put on the trade deadline.

There are some players, however, that could draw some interest across the league. Whether the Chiefs listen to those calls is another story.

WR Dwayne Bowe: I'm not sure if the Chiefs have a long-term plan with him. Todd Haley this week spent some time propping him up after a game in which he dropped a big touchdown pass. Personally, I don't see a big future in Kansas City for Bowe. That could change but for now I just don't see it. His contract will be coming up after 2011 and the Chiefs will have to decide to give him more money or not. Do they want to reward someone like Bowe? If not, then it would be a good idea to be all ears if others come calling.

G Brian Waters: It seems that every year folks are saying Brian Waters will start declining rapidly and to this point it hasn't happened. Will there be interest in Waters? Sure, but the price tag on someone like him would be a late round draft pick (if that). For the Chiefs, Waters is worth way more than a late round draft pick. He's someone whose impact isn't measured just on the field so I can't see the Chiefs parting ways with him before his contract runs out after 2011.

Linebackers: The Chiefs have a couple of linebackers that could interest other clubs. There's always Derrick Johnson, who didn't see much playing time last season and Demorrio Williams, who is now a backup. If a team is looking for an inside linebacker, those are two capable ones. The Chiefs, if offered, may not have a significant enough reason to hang onto both (depending on the other of course). The Chiefs seem to be deep there so I could see some interest in that area.