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Kansas City Chiefs News 10/13

Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news of the day.

Chiefs are playing smart football. They have the fewest negative plays, third least penalties and least sacks. Hard to get much smarter than that.

Chiefs dealing with strange feeling: A loss. The KC Star takes a look at how the Chiefs will respond after a loss. It's their first of the season so there's some curiosity out there to see if they'll get stronger or falter.

Texans offense is struggling. The Chiefs play the Texans on Sunday. Houston is coming off of a 10-point offensive effort against the Giants. They had a bad game and we'll see if it continues against the Chiefs defense.

Texans are struggling at home. Not only is their offense struggling but they're struggling at home. Since the start of 2009, they're 5-6 at home and 7-3 on the road.

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