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Kansas City Chiefs Quarter Season Review: Quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs have been average to below average at quarterback this season.

QB Matt Cassel had a solid start in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers but hasn't been consistent elsewhere.

Cassel has been a point of criticism for this team but there are a few positives to look at with him.

Turnovers: Cassel is on pace for just 12 interceptions. That's a very solid number and, when you look at how this Chiefs team is built, it's even more important. This is a defense-first, run-first team. They don't need Cassel to win games but they do need him not to lose games.

Sacks: The Chiefs have taken a NFL low three sacks this season. Through four games, Cassel has thrown the ball away 11 times (via Stats LLC). In the past, those might have been sacks. One of his biggest criticisms was taking sacks and the Chiefs have essentially eliminated that through the first quarter of the season.

Wins: Say what you want about Cassel but this team is 3-1 with him at the helm this year. That's an important stat.

Cassel may not be playing like an All-Pro but I think that's because the Chiefs don't have this offense designed for him to be an All-Pro. Would they like to go down the field more? Sure, but that's just not their strength.

So far they've needed Cassel not to lose the game. He's done that for the most part. There's loads of room for improvement but Cassel isn't losing games for the Chiefs right now.