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Kansas City Chiefs Quarter Season Review: Wide Receiver

The Kansas City Chiefs are 3-1 after the first quarter of the season so they're doing something right. But there's always room for improvement.

The Chiefs receivers are a group that have been less than impressive this year.

Dwayne Bowe; His season has been disappointing. He's entering his fourth year so many figured this would be either a return to his 1,000 yard status he had in his first two years or a truly breakout year. Unfortunately he has just 9 catches for 152 yards and a touchdown to this point. I'm not sure he's the future No. 1 receiver.

Chris Chambers: What happened to him? Through four games he has just 7 catches for 76 yards. He's been non-existent this year after providing a spark the second half of 2009.

Dexter McCluster: He has one solid game as a receiver when he had 69 yards and a touchdown against San Francisco. Outside of that he hasn't had a lot of opportunities.

The Chiefs don't really have a true threat at receiver so that hurts everyone else. I imagine at some point in the near future (next 1-2 years) the Chiefs will look to overhaul this group.