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Kansas City Chiefs Quarter Season Review: Offensive Line

One of the biggest surprises in 2010 for the Kansas City Chiefs? No one complaining about the offensive line.

That had been a weekly tradition in years past, complaining about the lack of a running game or the quarterback being sacked and it always came back to that line.

This year? Much improved. The unit has given up less sacks (3) then any other offensive line in the NFL.

The additions: The Chiefs changed up 40 percent of the line from last year adding starters Casey Wiegmann and Ryan Lilja. Wiegmann, in particular, has surprised me. At his age he definitely still has it and this scheme seems to fit him best.

Playing through injury: The Chiefs have yet to see their starting right tackle play a game. Ryan O'Callaghan has been injured and Barry Richardson did a solid job filling in. You couldn't tell very often that O'Callaghan wasn't in there and I think that's a good sign in a backup.

Overall, this is a group that's done much better than expected. The challenge moving forward will be to continue replacing the parts that need to be replaced (such as Brian Waters and Casey Wiegmann with age concerns in the next couple years).