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Kansas City Chiefs Quarter Season Review: Defensive Line

The Kansas City Chiefs defense has been the biggest surprise of the year. They're fast, strong and smart. That's a good combination.

The defensive line was the biggest point of worry heading into the season but they've been doing something right.

DE Glenn Dorsey: He's having a very solid season. I can see now why the Chiefs were banking on guys like him already in-house to improve. He seems much more disruptive this season.

NT Ron Edwards: I'm pleased with him as well. With the players around him playing better, it makes his job easier. Considering what he is -- a veteran journeyman -- Edwards is a solid play for the Chiefs.

DE Shaun Smith: Tyson Jackson has been out much of the season but that hasn't been a problem. I'd argue that Smith has played better than Jackson has at any point. Smith has a case of, uh, itchy hands, but he's much more disruptive than Jackson has been.

DE Tyson Jackson: I liked his first half against the Chargers but he's been injured since.

Overall, this group has improved and that was the idea heading in. Count me as someone who's been impressed.