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Kansas City Chiefs Quarter Season Review: Secondary

The Kansas City Chiefs secondary was both strong and weak in 2009, if that makes sense.

I think most folks were happy with the cornerbacks. Brandon Flowers is turning into an elite cornerback in the NFL. He has two picks on the season and a touchdown. He's starting to get noticed around the league as well. Flowers is legit. Brandon Carr has been among the league's best values over the last couple years. He's working on a fifth round rookie contract and has started every game. He'll pair with Flowers for a long time.

At safety, the Chiefs had a big problem after 2009. Jarrad Page clearly wasn't part of the future plans and Mike Brown definitely wasn't part of the future.

Here's a breakdown on the Chiefs safeties to this point....

Eric Berry: He's definitely made some rookie mistakes but I've been surprised at how well he's done in run support. If anything, I think that's been his biggest impact this year. Learning from the rookie mistakes will come with time. There's no worry here.

Kendrick Lewis: He's another surprise. He was a fifth round pick so I didn't expect much out of him but, with Jon McGraw injured, he stepped in and played well. You can tell the extra time McGraw has spent with him has helped quite a bit.

Jon McGraw: You won't see all of his impact on the field (but you did with his pick against Peyton Manning). When he was injured, he still traveled with the team. It's no accident Kendrick Lewis seems to "get it" early on. There are positives from McGraw that you'll get without seeing him on the field.