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Kansas City Chiefs News 10/14

Here's your Kansas City Chiefs news of the day.

Cassel, Schaub took the same road to becoming starters. Their story is very similar. Schaub didn't play his first three years in the league but was a coveted backup. The Falcons traded him to the Texans for two second round picks. Before he played a down for them, he signed a $48 million contract. Worked out pretty well for them.

For now, Pollard is saving his shots. Bernard Pollard will see the Chiefs again. Last year he was released by the Chiefs and later claimed that the Chiefs tried to blackball him. He also said Herm Edwards had to help him find a job. Now he's on the 32nd ranked pass defense.

Todd Haley on Houston's offense. He loves that running back, Arian Foster, and the receiver, Andre Johnson. There's quite a bit of talent on this offense. They're actually a top 5 rushing team.

Todd Haley on Houston's defense. There's a No. 1 overall pick and two rookie of the years on the front seven alone. There's talent everywhere on this team.

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