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Fantasy Football Prediction: Will The Jamaal Charles Show Continue?

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is having an awesome fantasy football season.

....only if he got the ball a little more.

He's averaging a whopping 6.5 yards per carry and is on pace for 1,200 yards. For fantasy football purposes, that's just OK. For the Chiefs as a team, that's great.

But we're worried about fantasy football. What can you expect from Charles?

I'm looking for a big day from Charles. The Chiefs see the Texans passing defense is ranked 32nd in the NFL so they'll try to pass it more. With their focus on balls safety, you'll see a decent amount of check downs to Charles and he's dangerous in space.

Jamaal Charles Prediction: 110 rushing yards, 40 receiving yards, 1 TD