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Kansas City Chiefs Offense vs. Houston Texans Defense

Here's a look at how the Kansas City Chiefs matchup with the Houston Texans.

This is the Chiefs offense vs. the Texans defense.


Chiefs offense: 19.2 (19th)

Texans defense: 27.2 (29th)

The Texans really do give up a lot of points but I think that's partly due to their own high scoring offense. The Chiefs offense isn't their strength but if they can hit 20 points, I think they've got an excellent shot to win.


Chiefs offense: 306.8 (24th)

Texans defense: 409.2 (31st)

The Texans defense gives up a lot of yards as you can tell. The Chiefs don't need all those yards. I don't think they're banking on driving 80-plus yards down the field every time. They've been very opportunistic when turnovers occur giving them a short field.

Pass yards

Chiefs offense: 158 (27th)

Texans defense: 329.6 (32nd)

Here's the big one everyone's talking about. Will Matt Cassel get back on track against the Texans pass defense? I'm not too concerned about it. I don't expect a big day from Cassel but with this group it would be nice to see one big, killer play from Cassel. Overall, though, he doesn't need 329 yards and I don't think the Chiefs even want to see that from him.

Rush yards

Chiefs offense: 148.8 (3rd)

Texans defense: 79.6 (5th)

This is an underrated battle. The Chiefs have been saying this week that the Texans front seven is very big and very talented. The Chiefs need to win this particular battle to win the game. There's no doubt about it.