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Houston Texans Offense vs. Kansas City Chiefs Defense

The Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans meet at Reliant Stadium on Sunday.

One of the biggest keys to the game will be how the Chiefs defense handles the Texans offense.

Here's what the stats say.


Texans offense: 23.6 (9th)

Chiefs defense: 14.2 (3rd)

The Chiefs may give up yards on defense but they don't give up points. I suspect whoever holds the opponent under 20 points will win this game.


Texans offense: 371.4 (6th)

Chiefs defense: 320 (16th)

The Texans have a solid overall offense. They can hurt the Chiefs running and passing the ball, which will make things interesting.

Pass yards

Texans offense: 229 (14th)

Chiefs defense: 239.5 (25th)

Don't let those stats fool you: The Chiefs secondary is legit. Jon McGraw and the rookie safeties have been making less and less mistakes each week and we all know about Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr. This will be a fun matchup to watch.

Rush yards

Texans offense: 142.4 (5th)

Chiefs defense: 80.5 (6th)

This is a great matchup just like it is with the Chiefs offense vs. the Texans defense. Who knew the stats would say this game would come down to running the ball. The Chiefs have been solid stopping the run and it'll be even tougher this week against a passing unit that can hurt you when you commit to the run.