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Fantasy Football Prediction: Chiefs TE Tony Moeaki

I had a question this week: Is Tony Moeaki a legitimate fantasy option?

Answer: Yes.

He's pretty consistently had 30-50 yards receiving in each game this year. That isn't bad for a tight end in the NFL.

He's also the quarterback's favorite target to this point which means he's going to get the best chance on the team. It also means he's going to see more red zone looks.

Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has found a security blanket of sorts in Moeaki and their relationship on the field seems to be thriving.

Against the Texans 32nd ranked pass defense, I can't see the Chiefs passing it a lot. They simply haven't been very successful passing the ball this year. Their strength is running the ball.

How will Moeaki do?

My prediction for Moeaki: 55 receiving yards, 1 TD