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Chiefs vs. Texans: Todd Haley, QB Matt Cassel Talk About Final Play

The Kansas City Chiefs lost 35-31 to the Houston Texans on Sunday.

The Chiefs were down by that score with four seconds remaining and had the ball on the Texans 48-yard line. At that point, all you can do is throw a Hail Mary. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel dropped back to pass and was flushed out of the pocket and sacked on the final play.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley and QB Matt Cassel talked about that play and what the Chiefs were trying to do at that point.

Todd Haley

"I mean you had to get the ball to the end zone or somewhere close.  We just gave up too quick under pressure.  I don’t know if it was (DE) Antonio (Smith) or who had the pressure over there but we didn’t have a chance.  We fought and tried to get out of the guys arms but we had really no chance.  We did a heck of a job trying to keep it alive as long as we did."

Matt Cassel

"We were on the 40 yard line so we wanted to take a shot towards the end zone.  It really becomes a hail mary at that point and you have to give those receivers time to get down to the end zone.  We had a little pressure on the right side so I tried to flush to the right to try and buy those guys the opportunity to get in the end zone.  There’s no point in not trying to get the ball in the end zone at that point."