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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Grew Up A Dallas Cowboys Fan

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Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel went on 810 WHB's The Program with Soren Petro on Monday afternoon and said something I didn't know about him:

"Favorite team growing was the Dallas Cowboys. My father grew up in Texas so he brought us up watching the Dallas Cowboys."

It doesn't sound like he had much a choice on who his team would be so we'll give him a break.

Just like the rest of the country he was a Cowboys fan. The Cowboys once again were America's most popular team in a recent poll. I wonder how many Cowboys fans are out there that aren't from Texas.

A few other notes from the interview:

  • Cassel said the hardest hit he ever took was from Jets NT Kris Jenkins. "He just crushed me. I thought he broke every bone."
  • He says he likely won't be participating in take your daughter to work day. Petro joked Charlie Weis wouldn't like Cassel excusing himself to go change a diaper.
  • He says he might watch the Monday Night Football game with the Jaguars tonight (the Chiefs play the Jags next week). He also says he'll watch that game probably 15 times this week in the film room.