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Kansas City Chiefs Will Build Off Of Houston Texans Loss, Todd Haley Says

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Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said this week that despite two straight losses his team can still learn something moving forward.

Todd Haley and the Kansas City Chiefs have now lost two consecutive games. Both were on the road. Both were games the Chiefs were not favored to win. Both were against very good offenses.

But it's still two straight losses.

Even though the Chiefs come off their road trip 0-2, I think they have a lot of things to be happy about sitting at 3-2 through five games.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said on Monday a few things he said last week. That the Chiefs can build off of a tough defeat against a very good opponent like the Texans (or the Indianapolis Colts last week).

Pain hasn’t eased a whole bunch but I told the fellas that sometimes the best lessons are the most painful. I think that game has a chance to be a real good building block for our young, developing team from the standpoint that it’s hard to win on the road, especially against good opponents and especially as explosive as that team is.

What I find interesting is that Haley often says the Chiefs aren't a good team yet. They're currently in first place by more than a game and on track to host a home playoff game (I know I jinxed it). But Haley continues to say that the Chiefs aren't there yet.

I think that if we were there as a team, if we have taken the steps necessary to be a good team, we would have recognized multiple opportunities in that game where we could’ve made that go in our favor and we just didn’t quite see it. We weren’t quite able to make those things that would’ve had to happen. It was a very painful loss for us, but again, a great lesson for us.

I think the idea is to leave the players always wanting more. Right now, Haley tells them they're not a good team. Ideally that motivates the players to work even harder moving forward in order to gain their coach's approval.

It's really interesting listening to some of Haley's comments because I think at times he wants to stop and say, 'You know this team is pretty good.' But he's shied away from that. When they're down, like they have been the last two games, he's quick to say that they did a lot of good things. And when they're up, like they were in the first three games, he's quick to say that they can do better.