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NFL Trade Rumors: What Are People Saying About Vincent Jackson?

The NFL trade deadline is approaching at 3:00 p.m. (central) this afternoon. There are a lot of folks throwing around trade ideas but nothing substantial is building.

One of the names the Kansas City Chiefs should be interested in is WR Vincent Jackson. No, not for the Chiefs to trade for him but to get him out of the division. He's arguably the best receiver in the AFC West so the Chiefs would like to see him gone.

The Vikings and Rams were viewed as two teams that would be interested in Jackson. The Vikings are now ruled out because they've traded for WR Randy Moss.

But what about the Rams? They lost No. 1 receiver Mark Clayton and appear to have a need. The latest word is that Jackson's price tag and the Chargers asking price is too high.

Where will Vincent Jackson end up?