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Chiefs Trade Of Alex Magee Shows Struggles Of 2009 Draft Class

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The Kansas City Chiefs draft class hasn't looked very sharp in the year and five games they've been in the NFL. There wasn't much of an impact from that class especially when you compare it to the great 2010 draft class. (In fairness, the rest of the 2009 draft class doesn't look very good either)

Here's a look at the Chiefs 2009 draft class. The strike through means that player is off the team.

1. DE Tyson Jackson: Likely a starter when he returns from injury.

3. DE Alex Magee

4. S Donald Washington: He's changed positions.

5. G Colin Brown

6. WR Quinten Lawrence: He's on the practice squad.

7. RB Javarris Williams

7. TE Jake O'Connell: He's not much of a factor on game day.

7. K Ryan Succop: He's the kicker of the future.