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Mizzou TE Michael Egnew Nearing All-American Status

We're about halfway through the 2010 college football season and Mizzou's got another great one. Yep, it's a tight end. After Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker, we've now got MIchael Egnew.

Sports Illustrated named their All-Americans halfway through the year and Egnew makes the list.

The physical playmaker has caught 49 balls for 437 yards in the explosive Tigers' offense.
Gary Pinkel knows how to recruit tight ends and Mizzou's offense loves tight ends. That's two quarterbacks, multiple years and a third great tight end.

Attention high school recruits: Go to Mizzou if you're tight end.

As Rock M Nation points out, this would be Mizzou's third All-American tight end in four years.