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Fantasy Football Week 7: Another 3-TD Day From Matt Cassel?

Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel has been a very good fantasy football two games. The problem? The Chiefs have played five games.

When Cassel is on and the Chiefs offense is moving, he's shown he can put up touchdowns. Cassel has seven touchdowns on the year and six of those came in two games -- three against San Francisco and three against Houston.

I can't predict a three-touchdown from Cassel because he's been such an inconsistent fantasy football player. But there are a few nice things lining up for the Chiefs.

What he's got going for him: The Jaguars pass defense just isn't very good. They're among the lowest-ranked teams in the league and SB Nation's Big Cat Country tells us that the Chiefs shouldn't focus on the run to beat the Jaguars. They should just pass it. Houston's pass defense was rated very poorly as well and Cassel put up three touchdowns against them.

What he's got going against him: The Chiefs rush offense. It's good. Very good. They're No. 1 in the league and, until the Jaguars can prove they can stop it. I suspect the Chiefs will continue to run the ball. Why fix it if it's not broke?

I do think Cassel has a decent day -- well, decent for Cassel -- and that means 200 yards and a touchdown. He won't turn the ball over and he'll lead the Chiefs to a win.