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Jaguars vs. Chiefs: KC Has A Lot Of Reasons They Can Win

There are an awful lot of things the Kansas City Chiefs have going their way on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know this will be considered a jinx but there are a lot of reasons the Chiefs can win this game.

Here are a few...

Jacksonville QB are out so far: Jags QBs David Garrard (concussion) and Trent Edwards (thumb) missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday. That's not a good start to the week. If they can't go -- and it's looking like at least one of them won't be -- then the Jags will look to 3rd QB Todd Bouman and new QB Patrick Ramsey. The Chiefs defense could do worse for an opposing QB.

Chiefs are very healthy: It's Week 7 and the Chiefs have TWO players on the injury report. That's so impressive. They had five on Wednesday and that was downgraded to two on Thursday. RT Ryan O'Callaghan may make his season debut and DE Tyson Jackson may make an appearance for the first time since Sept. 13.

Playing at home: The Chiefs return home for the first time in a month. They're 3-2 and in first place a third of the way through the season. The fans have plenty of reasons to be loud.

Favored, finally: The Chiefs are favored for the first time this year. Yes, it takes to Week 7 to be favored after a 3-0 start. The money folks are starting to believe in the Chiefs which is a good sign.

Not as good as Houston: The Texans were a top 10 rushing defense and the Jaguars are not. Stopping the rush is the key to beating the Chiefs. The Texans were also a much better offense than the Jaguars. If stats matter -- and they may not from game to game -- the Chiefs matchup much better against the Jags than the Texans, who took the Chiefs to the wire last week. The Chiefs are used to a higher level of play on offense -- Colts and Texans the last two weeks -- so they should be able to handle the Jags offensively.