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Dwayne Bowe Emerges As Top Fantasy Football Receiver In Week 7

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The Kansas City Chiefs don't have the best passing attack or receivers in the NFL but they have the No. 1 fantasy football receiver this week.

Well, if you're to believe Sports Illustrated, that would be WR Dwayne Bowe:

8 rec, 105 yards, 1 TD
Just a week after dropping a couple key passes in a loss to the Colts, Bowe exploded with his best game of the season. The Chiefs have had more success passing the ball lately, so Bowe is a decent option this week against a poor Jacksonville secondary.

Bowe had a great game last week against Houston's 32nd ranked pass defense. He had 108 yards receiving and a pair of touchdowns. It was by far his best fantasy football game of the season.

The Chiefs game plan likely won't ever be to pass the ball a lot but that doesn't mean there's not opportunities for a receiver like Bowe to shine. The Jaguars have a poor pass defense so at some point the Chiefs will have an opportunity to attack that.

I like Bowe's chances against the Jaguars this week and the prediction above from SI sounds about similar to what I'd predict.