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Oklahoma vs. Mizzou: ESPN College GameDay Signs Include Justin Bieber Jokes

ESPN's College GameDay is in Columbia, Missouri for the Oklahoma Sooners vs. Missouri Tigers. Mizzou enters the game as the 11th ranked BCS team while big bad Oklahoma is No. 1. It's the first time GameDay is in Columbia and clearly Mizzou fans are excited. Kirk Herbstreit says he's never seen this many signs before at GameDay. I thought this was a creative Tweet on that:

You can tell Mizzou has a great J-School... Creative and concise writing on the Gameday signs.

Here's what host Herbstreit said about the Columbia crowd early, early this morning.

"This might be the most vocal crowd that we've had all season in 2010," ESPN College GameDay host Kirk Herbstreit said. "Not just a great number but great energy coming from this crowd."

The crowd is loud and they're jazzed. Oh, yeah, the game is still eight hours away.

College GameDay is known for the awesome signs folks put up in the background. I barely know who Justin Bieber is -- no, really, I don't -- but he's the inspiration for quite a few signs in the crowd. Here are a few of the ones I've seen:

Bob Stoops has Bieber fever

Aldon Smith eats Sooner for breakfast

Bieber has Gabbert fever

Moe money, Moe problems