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Jaguars vs. Chiefs: Maurice Jones-Drew Is Jacksonville's Biggest Strength

The Jacksonville Jaguars enter Sunday's game in Kansas City against the Chiefs as nearly two digit underdogs.

But they still do things well. I talked with Alfie from Big Cat Country to figure out a simple question: What is the Jaguars biggest strength?

The Jaguars biggest strength is running the football. It seems like a laborious task at times, but it's effective. The Jaguars are 6th in the NFL running the football and Maurice Jones-Drew ranks 10th in rushing yards. I say it's laborious because teams have typically played the Jaguars keying on Jones-Drew and daring the quarterback to beat them. The Jaguars running game however, is still effective.

You know what the Chiefs biggest strength is on defense? Yeah, stopping the run. I'm going to favor the Chiefs here because they haven't let anyone so far this season go crazy on them with the run game. They've been pretty consistently good all year. They're a top 10 rushing defense and I'm not sure if the Jaguars will be able to break through that.