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Fantasy Football: D-Bowe Show Returns For The Chiefs

i said this week that we couldn't expect Dwayne Bowe to have another big fantasy football  game for the Kansas City Chiefs. He's been too inconsistent this year as has the Chiefs passing game. In the first half, it looked like I was correct because Matt Cassel had just six pass attempts for 51 yards.

Now I'm going to have to admit I'm wrong. Cassel just hit Bowe on a 53-yard touchdown pass. Cassel dropped back to pass and had plenty of time to throw and found Bowe down the right sideline. Bowe juked a couple of players and zig zagged his way into the end zone.

The Chiefs scored 37 seconds into the second half.

Bowe now has 75 yards and one touchdown on the longest pass play of the season. Cassel sits at 4-of-7 for 104 yards and a touchdown.

It's early but the Chiefs fantasy football outlook is looking good.