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Fantasy Football: Re-Evaluating The Kansas City Chiefs

A few weeks ago I said you shouldn't have many Kansas City Chiefs players on your fantasy team. The passing game wasn't very good so that takes out a few skill players and then the running game was being shared by two players meaning less fantasy stats.

The last two weeks we've seen a significant shift in the Chiefs on offense. They've put up 73 points in the last two games and the passing game, along with the run game, is looking very good.

QB Matt Cassel: Is he worth a start? Not quite yet but I think he's getting closer. Cassel won't be putting up 300+ yards of offense but he is playing more efficient and more importantly he's scoring touchdowns. He has eight touchdown passes in three of the Chiefs four wins this year. He's a consideration to play against a weak opponent.

Advice: Don't start him just yet but keep an eye on him. He might be turning the corner.

RB Thomas Jones: He's come a long way since the first few weeks of the season when we wondered why he was getting more carries than Jamaal Charles. Jones is now a solid fantasy play as he caps off his second straight 100-yard game including a touchdown.

Advice: Keep him in your starting lineup. The Chiefs are giving him plenty of carries.

RB Jamaal Charles: He's always going to be in your starting lineup because he has the ability to break a big one. He's currently the 13th ranked running back in the NFL (by yards) and he has an excellent yards per carry average. There are a lot of things to like about Charles (except that he's splitting carries).

Advice: Keep him in your lineup. The Chiefs focus is on running the ball.

WR Dwayne Bowe: Wow is he a No. 1 receiver? The last two weeks he has been catching four touchdowns. He's becoming a favorite target of Matt Cassel and not to be overlooked he's had two great touchdown catches that included long runs after the catch. Those sorts of things are critical for fantasy football and Bowe is helping out a lot with that. He's a solid play moving forward but there are still some inconsistency issues.

Advice: He's not quite an every week starter but he's nearing that status. We need to see consistency from him.

TE Tony Moeaki: He's cooled down a little after a hot start but he's still consistently getting 30-40 yards receiving per game. That means Cassel hasn't forgotten about him and he's still someone to watch in the red zone.

Advice: He's leveling off and I'm not sure what that means. The Chiefs don't pass often so your best bet might be Bowe or Moeaki -- and not both -- as fantasy Chiefs in the passing game.

WR/RB Dexter McCluster: You're going to have to begin starting him here shortly. Brian Waters told us in the locker room after the game that the Chiefs are going to figure out more ways to get him the ball. He had nine touches on Sunday and I think that's a good number for him moving forward. He's a running back and a receiver so he can definitely put up some points.

Advice: He's not quite at starter status but it's encouraging that the Chiefs are going to try to get him the ball more as they did on Sunday.