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The Chiefs Are The NFL's Most Fortunate Team

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Even football fans completely unaware of the ins and outs of the Chiefs roster and organization plan are curious how this turnaround has taken place. It's a natural response to question just how in the world the Chiefs have been able to turn the direction and momentum and expectations of the franchise around so quickly. While these things have been discussed and debated ad nauseum around these parts, one thing that needs to be said is that everything is simply falling into place for Kansas City.

How many seasons are ruined because of injuries? How many teams find themselves distracted by ridiculous off-the-field incidents? In the former, the Chiefs find themselves the recipients of a well-conditioned roster who should benefit from the rigorous training camp regimen of Todd Haley and company. With regards to the latter, Scott Pioli's continued emphasis on leadership and character -- as well as his complete control of media access -- keep the Chiefs locker room a drama-less environment.

Not only this, but even the individual player performances are all coming together. Brandon Flowers has taken the leap from good NFL corner to near-elite status at times this season. Tamba Hali's primed for a career-high in sacks at this current rate. Derrick Johnson's athleticism is being felt all over the field. Dwayne Bowe looks like he's turned a corner as a top-flight receiver with the last couple of games. Matt Cassel is quelling all doubters with the NFL's best passer rating over the last four games. And let's not forget the NFL's best rushing attack.

Simply put, every question mark the Chiefs had coming into the season has been answered in this incredible turnaround year. The Chiefs didn't adequately address issues among the defensive front seven after the ridiculous end to 2009, yet somehow the same batch of players (minus Shaun Smith) is performing at a completely different level. Rookies are becoming immediate contributors. Possible busts are becoming assets. It's really amazing just how much things have changed in the course of one season.

Given the schedule and momentum the Chiefs are enjoying (as well as the abysmal performance of the rest of the division), it's fairly safe to assume the Chiefs will be playoff contenders for the rest of the year -- making the timeline for being a competitive franchise quite a bit shorter than expected. Rarely does this kind of fortune fall on a football team, and no doubt fans are enjoying every minute of it.