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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Chiefs Are A Top 10 Team

The Kansas City Chiefs are on the cusp of becoming a top 10 team in the Week 8 NFL power rankings if you ask me but says they're already there. Adam Caplan ranks the Chiefs at No. 10 after sitting at No. 13 last week.

You certainly could argue that Kansas City is probably the NFL's most improved team this season. The formula is very simple for them to win: run the ball well and take the ball out of QB Matt Cassel's hands as much as possible.

Most improved? No doubt. I'm not sure there's any other team out there that has gone from bottom feeder last year to favorite to win the division. Caplan nails the Chiefs "formula" as well. They've faced a couple of the worst pass defenses the last two weeks and continued to run the ball. They threw it just 29 times and 18 times the last two games and focused on the run.

What I like about the Chiefs is that they do what they do best regardless of the opponent. They've dared teams to stop their running attack this season and it hasn't worked for the most part. They've rushed for over 200 yards the last two games and I imagine we'll see a few more of those before the year is over.