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NFL Week 8 Power Rankings: Chiefs Drop After Beating Jags?

The Kansas City Chiefs are looking good at 4-2 and in command of the AFC West. The NFL power rankings across the web for Week 8 are starting to put the Chiefs in the top 10. The Sporting News however keeps them out of the top 10 and puts them at No. 13.

13. Kansas City Chiefs (12). Give them a couple of A's for effort, but that's little consolation. Their next "scary" opponent is Tennessee—in Week 16.
Hey, don't blame the Chiefs for their schedule. I'd buy it if they said "Team X is simply better than the Chiefs." But to drop them after a win is strange. Their next six games are very, very winnable games. In Week 13, they travel to San Diego to play the Chargers. That's really their next "scary" opponent (yes, the Chargers are still scary even at 2-5).

We've said before things seem to be falling into place for the Chiefs this year and their 2010 schedule is part of that. It's very friendly since the Chiefs are coming off of a four-win season. Best of all, they're beating the teams they should. Last year the Chiefs lost to teams like the Browns and Bills. This year they've beaten the Browns and they'll get a shot at the Bills next week in Arrowhead.