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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Still Strange To See Chiefs In Top 10

The Kansas City Chiefs are a top 10 team according to various NFL power rankings and Pro Football Talk agrees. They put the Chiefs at No. 10 after sitting at No. 12 last week.

10.  Kansas City Chiefs (No. 12; 4-2):  The schedule goes Charmin soft with a visit from the Bills.  (Of course, that's what the Ravens thought, too.)

The Chiefs schedule is an advantage, for sure. The Jaguars may be the best team of their next six opponents. Also, a good point from PFT on us thinking the schedule is easy. The Bills, who come to Arrowhead next week, took the Ravens to the wire after jumping out to a big lead over them. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick seems legit throwing for 374 yards last week. There are a few reasons the Chiefs shouldn't be taking the Bills lightly.

How high can the Chiefs go in these power rankings? I don't see them passing the Jets, Patriots and Steelers of the world but if they keep winning....