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NFL Power Rankings Week 8: How Are The Bucs Ahead Of The Chiefs?

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I'm not one to get all up in arms about NFL power rankings but I saw one in Week 8 that made me a little confused. has issued its rankings and it has the 4-2 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked ahead of the 4-2 Kansas City Chiefs.

Here's the writeup on Tampa Bay ranked at No. 13:

It's not fair to say the Bucs haven't really proven themselves, but they haven't. That could happen in the next two weeks, as Tampa plays road games at Arizona and Atlanta on consecutive Sundays. That will show us where this Buccaneer team stands in the NFC South, and in the NFC as a whole.

And here's the writeup on KC ranked at No. 15:

Good teams blow out bad teams at home, and after taking care of business against the Jaguars, Kansas City has earned the right to be called a "good team." The Chiefs are sticking to the winning formula of good defense plus a great running game, and it should continue to work for them.

According to the writeup, the Chiefs are a good team and the Bucs have to prove themselves. Then why is KC behind Tampa Bay?

Here's why they say Tampa still has to prove themselves....

Bucs wins: Browns, Panthers, Bengals and Rams

Chiefs wins: Chargers, Browns, 49ers and Jaguars

The Chiefs wins aren't much better (if at all) but their losses are. The Chiefs lost by 10 to the Colts and four to the Texans. The Bucs lost by 21 to the Steelers and 25 to the Saints.

So why are the Bucs ahead of the Chiefs?