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NFL Week 8 Picks: Fans Nearly Unanimous Taking Chiefs Over Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs are seven point favorites against the Buffalo Bills. They're better at running the ball and stopping the run. They're better at protecting the football and not making mistakes. The Chiefs do a lot of things better than the Bills.

That's why 93 percent of users on Yahoo! Sports NFL Week 8 picks are going with the Chiefs.

Last year this was one of the worst games of the year. Not just for the Chiefs -- they lost 16-10 -- but also for the fans. Two miserable teams playing late in the season at a blacked out Arrowhead Stadium. Doesn't get much worse than that.

This year though the Chiefs have plenty of promise and they're actually being picked to win. Last year at this time we would call anyone who was picking the Chiefs as crazy.

The Chiefs this year match up very well against the Bills. They're the top rushing offense in the NFL and the Bills are the worst rushing defense in the NFL. That's enough reason right there to think the Chiefs will win this game. Add in Matt Cassel and the Chiefs passing offense playing well as well as the Arrowhead advantage and this should be a solid one for the Chiefs.