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Fantasy Football: It's Time To Stop Running On The Chiefs Defense

Through three weeks of the fantasy football season, the Kansas City Chiefs defense has been dominating in the run game. For fantasy football players, that means they're shutting down your most valuable position, running back.

Here's how the Chiefs have done against the top three backs they've faced this year:

  • Ryan Mathews: 19 carries, 75 yards
  • Jerome Harrison: 16 carries, 33 yards
  • Frank Gore: 15 carries, 43 yards

The Chiefs rush defense as a whole is sixth in the NFL. It's coached by Romeo Crennel who has success stories of turnarounds like this so I don't think this is some sort of mirage and the Chiefs will soon revert back to 2009-style where they were near the bottom of the league.

The run defense seems legit thanks for that defensive line. It doesn't seem like it would be a good idea to start your fantasy football running back against the Chiefs defense. Lookin' at you, Indy and Houston. The Chiefs run defense has been playing too well for you to realistically expect a big day against them.