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Bills Vs. Chiefs: KC Can't Overlook Buffalo

The Kansas City Chiefs are 4-2 and in first place of the AFC West. The Buffalo Bills are winless and in last place of the AFC East. That, and the seven point line, would suggest the Chiefs will take care of business against Buffalo. And maybe that's exactly what they want. Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings tells me he hasn't seen teams come completely prepared for the Bills this year.

Honestly - and this answer may seem weird - but I think their biggest asset is the fact that they're winless. Or, at least it has been. Teams like Green Bay, New England, Jacksonville and most recently Baltimore looked completely unprepared to play professional football when they played the Bills. It's almost as if those teams spent their week of preparation sleep-walking through practices and snoozing during team meetings. Clearly, all of those teams beat the Bills, but Buffalo was competitive with all of them, if only for part of the game.

I do not think that will be a problem for the Chiefs. If there's one thing they've been this year it's prepared. The coaching staff is too good to overlook the Bills. Plus, the Chiefs haven't really accomplished anything this year so they can't be overlooking anyone.

Beyond that, Ryan Fitzpatrick and the passing attack are the biggest strength. They're making plays as long as they're not pressured too frequently. The Bills have the running backs to keep defenses honest and create balance, and right now, Buffalo's offense is humming along nicely.

Fitzpatrick is a legitimate concern for the Chiefs. For example, he nearly threw for 400 yards against the Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs can't let him become part of the solution for the Bills.