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Kansas City Chiefs Drop Buffalo Bills In Overtime Thriller

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills 13-10 this afternoon in Kansas City. What was a rather boring game through three quarters turned into a back and forth thriller that ended with a Ryan Succop field goal with no time remaining in the game.

The Chiefs, who were able to find their fourth quarter killer instinct last week against the Jaguars, weren’t able to do it this weekend against the Bills. The Chiefs had repeated chances to shut down the Bills in the fourth quarter and overtime but either made poor play calls or plain didn’t make the plays necessary to win earlier in the game.

As expected, the Chiefs ran all over the Bills. As a team, KC rushed for 274 yards. Jamaal Charles had 177 of those yards. Dwayne Bowe added a touchdown catch, his fifth in three weeks.

Here are some major points that we’ll be touching on later today and this week:

Charlie Weis’ abandoning the running game in an overtime drive.

Todd Haley’s two timeouts, one which cost his team a first down in OT and another that erased a Bills’ OT field goal.

The Chiefs’ pass rush had a great game but missed some game changing opportunities.

The lack of a killer instinct in KC as the game wound down.