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Chiefs Bye Week Is Over: Preparing For The Colts In Week 5

The Kansas City Chiefs bye week is over.

In the AFC West, the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers took home victories while the Oakland Raiders did not. That leaves the standings like this: Chiefs (3-0), Broncos (2-2), Chargers (2-2) and Raiders (1-3).

The Indianapolis Colts -- the Chiefs next opponent -- were upset by the Jaguars on Sunday, 31-28.

The Chiefs now prepare for the Colts

They're relatively healthy:

  • DE Tyson Jackson recovering from a knee injury.
  • CB Javier Arenas getting over a sore ankle
  • RT Ryan O'Callaghan recovering from a groin injury

The Chiefs can focus solely on Peyton Manning. I'm not saying they will beat the Colts, who will undoubtedly be favored, but I am saying they can hang with them. Romeo Crennel is a smart man, and this is a disciplined team. You give them two weeks to prepare for someone and they're going to know that opponent inside and out.

The Chiefs have had the weekend off after doing some work last week so they're getting back at it today for Colts week.