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NFL Week 4 Scores Leave Kansas City Chiefs As Lone Unbeatean Team

The Chiefs, after four weeks of play, are the NFL's only remaining unbeaten team.

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The NFL Week 4 scores are in and the Kansas City Chiefs are the lone remaining unbeaten team.

Entering Sunday's game, it was the Chiefs, Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers as the lone unbeaten teams remaining.

The Steelers lost to the Baltimore Ravens on a touchdown with seconds remaining. The Bears lost on Sunday Night Football to the Giants after Jay Cutler topped a record for most sacks in the first half of a game with nine.

That means it's the Chiefs who are the NFL's last remaining team.

Think about this: 2009 saw two teams at 13-0.

This year? It's just the Chiefs at 3-0.

So how did the Chiefs get there?

And here the Chiefs sit at 3-0 and on top of the NFL world, for a week at least.