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Kansas City Chiefs Should Know History Of Last Undefeated Team

The Kansas City Chiefs should be aware of what history says about the final undefeated team in the NFL.

Here's how the last undefeated teams in the league have ended up the last 10 years (via Hoagie Central):

2010: Chiefs ?-0, ?
2009: Colts 14-0, Lost in Super Bowl
2008: Titans 10-0, Lost in Divisional Round
2007: Patriots 18-0, Lost in Super Bowl
2006: Colts 10-0, Won Super Bowl
2005: Colts 13-0, Lost in Divisional Round
2004: Eagles 7-0, Lost in Super Bowl
2003: Chiefs 9-0, Lost in Divisional Round
2002: Raiders 4-0, Lost in Super Bowl
2001: Rams 6-0, Lost in Super Bowl

So all of them make the playoffs, 2/3rds of them make the Super Bowl and one of them wins it. The Chiefs' playoff hopes are well and alive but the Super Bowl is a long, long ways from the discussion.