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Chiefs Defense vs. Colts Offense: Where They Rank

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts will meet in Indy on Sunday. The 3-0 Chiefs come into the game on the strength of their running game and their defense while the Colts, per usual, come in with a solid passing attack.

Here's where the Colts offense ranks (bold) vs. the Chiefs defense.

Points: 29.2 (2nd)

Chiefs: 12.7 (2nd)

The Colts strength is clearly on offense, passing the ball and scoring a lot of points. That's what they do best and I can't imagine the Chiefs will stop them. They can, however, contain them. The Chiefs can't expect to win if the Colts hit 29 points.

Yards: 411 (3rd)

Chiefs: 313 (14th)

The Chiefs have been giving up a decent amount of yards as evidenced by their middle-of-the-pack ranking. However, they haven't been letting opponents finish those drives with touchdowns. Giving up yards to the Colts is OK -- but they have to step it up in the red zone and force them to settle for three points.

Passing: 335.5 (2nd)

Chiefs: 238 (25th)

This could be the problem area for the Chiefs. The secondary is good but also very young. That likely has Peyton Manning licking his chops. If I were to circle one area of the game that will be key, it'd be the Colts passing offense vs. the Chiefs passing defense.

Rushing: 75.5 (29th)

Chiefs: 75 (5th)

The Chiefs are great at stopping the run to this point but will it matter? The Cots haven't shown much affinity for running the ball. That's either because their passing offense is so good or their run game is so bad. The Chiefs can probably expect to shut down the run but they'll have to do it in their base defense in order to keep as many guys in coverage as possible.