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Chiefs Offense vs. Colts Defense: Where They Rank

The Kansas City Chiefs and Indianapolis Colts will meet in Indy on Sunday for Week 5 of the 2010 NFL season.

The Chiefs offense isn't what's gotten them to 3-0 -- you can thank the defense for that -- but they will need to be effective to get to 4-0. The Colts offense will definitely put up some points so it's very important the Chiefs are capable of responding.

Here's where the Chiefs offense ranks (bold) vs. the Colts defense.

Points: 22.7 (10th)

Colts: 23 (23rd)

This number may be skewed a bit. The Chiefs have had a pair of average to below average offensive games and one very good offensive game. There hasn't been much of a middle ground.  I think the Chiefs would prefer Matt Cassel not have 35+ attempts this game instead relying on the run game to score points.

I don't see the Chiefs scoring over 22 points this game. They'll want to slow things down drastically.

Yards: 322 (18th)

Colts: 367 (24th)

The Colts will give up some yards in their defense. Fans during the Herm Edwards era should remember the type of defense the Colts are running -- it's the same philosophy.

Passing: 161.3 (27th)

Colts: 217.5 (15th)

Problem area for the Chiefs: passing the ball. Matt Cassel has had two below average games and one above average game. Which shows up? Considering his inconsistency, it'll be the below average one, I'm guessing.

Rushing: 160.7 (3rd)

Colts: 149.5 (29th)

The Chiefs bread and butter should be this stat right here. Running the ball does a few things: Plays to the Chiefs strengths, plays to the Colts weakness and eats up clock keeping Peyton Manning off the field. The Chiefs should be determined that they can run the ball in this game to compete with the Colts.