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Colts Assistant Used To Give Chiefs Coach Todd Haley Rides To Games

Here's an interesting story from Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

Haley grew up in Pittsburgh and current Colts senior assistant coach Tom Moore used to work for the Steelers at the time. When Haley's dad (he also worked for the Steelers) was on the road, it was Moore would give young Todd Haley a ride.

"Tom Moore took me to a lot of Steelers games because my father was generally on the road scouting, he didn’t get back into town until a lot of times Sunday morning or right before the game, late Saturday and wanted to sleep when he got in late Saturday, so Coach Moore picked me up every morning for a lot of years and he towed (assistant offensive line coach) Pat Perles before he went off to college and myself in there to the Hilton and pack up some steak sandwiches and take us over to the stadium. A lot of great memories of Coach Moore that every time I see him I think about and that’s not even counting training camp and all those things. He’s a great coach, a great person; he didn’t live but a couple streets down from us. Always fond memories."

Lots of connections in the NFL you never know about.