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What Did Eric Berry Get His Brothers When He Signed $60 Million Contract?

Here's a good story about Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry.

At the end of July, Berry signed a record contract with the Chiefs for $60 million. So, he asked his brothers -- they're twins and, yes, they're very good at football -- what they wanted now that he's signed the big deal. Per the AJC:

"No cars, we’re 14 years old and too young to drive," Elliot said with a laugh. "When [Eric] asked the question, I didn’t know really what to say."

However, Evan was ready with an answer. He wanted a new iPhone. But his mother denied the request. "My mom said ‘no.’ I think she wants to make sure we do well in school before allowing any distractions like that."

So what did they get?

Shoes. Lots of 'em. Mr. Berry says all of his kids have always been obsessed with shoes so it was a good match. Sounds like a good family.